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Rishabh Bansal is a Best selling author, a visionary entrepreneur and an Indian novelist. His vision is to inspire youth with the power of words and impart knowledge.

His debut novel is TAKE ME AWAY. The novel cover was launched on August 15, 2020. He dedicated this novel to his mother.

He started his journey back in 2018 when he released his first book on Instagram marketing. His motive behind this book is to impart knowledge.
Rishabh Bansal - Indian Author and novelist

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About the books

The following books of Rishabh Bansal are in Instagram marketing Niche:

  • Brand Marketing on Instagram
  • Lead generation using Instagram stories

Rishabh Bansal’s first book ‘Brand Marketing on Instagram’ was among the top 25 bestselling books in India (Internet Category). The book is available in Paperback and eBook format. The second one was an eBook. Both the books are available to purchase on Amazon.


  • Take Me Away

Take Me Away is a romantic fiction novel. It is a story of two different characters – Ayan and Anaya. Discover more about this novel here.

I want to impart positivity and knowledge to the world

Author Rishabh Bansal

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Author RISHABH BANSAL’s Debut Romantic novel ‘TAKE ME AWAY’ launched at National Literary Festival 2020.

Take Me Away is a debut novel of Author Rishabh Bansal. It is a story of two different characters –  Ayan and Anaya. Read more about the launch here.

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Author Rishabh Bansal
Author Rishabh Bansal

The journey

Rishabh Bansal started writing in the year 2018. His first book was on Instagram marketing namely 'Brand Marketing on Instagram'

Q] What made you take up writing?

A] I want to impart knowledge and positivity to the world around. And, I feel writing is one medium through which I can do that.