Rishabh Bansal's novel crossed 100 Amazon reviews

Rishabh Bansal’s novel TAKE ME AWAY crossed 100 Amazon reviews

Author Rishabh Bansal’s novel TAKE ME AWAY received a positive response from the audience. The novel recently, crossed 100 reviews on eCommerce platform – AMAZON.

Launched on teachers day (September 5, 2020), the novel TAKE ME AWAY was receiving good reviews right from the start. The readers are finding the novel very inspirational, motivational and entertaining.

Let’s hear what some reader’s have to say about the novel.

Overall, the current rating of the novel is 4.2/5

About the novel – TAKE ME AWAY

Take Me Away by Rishabh Bansal is a romantic fiction novel inspired by real life incidents.

Take Me Away Rishabh Bansal cover

The novel was released in September 2020.

About Rishabh Bansal

Rishabh Bansal is the Best-selling author of two books in Instagram Marketing. His debut novel is Take Me Away.

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